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What you don’t know about clean carpet…

Did you know that the cleaning the carpeting and grout in your home, can actually extend the life of your carpet and tile? The amount of sand, dirt and gravel that gets trapped in your flooring from daily use will destroy the carpeting fibers and grout with time. This will leave your carpeting looking thin, damaged and worn. This can destroy the grout so your subflooring is exposed to moisture and bacteria, and it can do damage to the tiles. A professional cleaning company can help you prevent these things from happening, and keep the tile and carpeting looking great for years.

The more you clean, the less likely you are to have stains or damage in the carpeting. The carpeting is going to hold its color and softness for longer, and your entire space is going to look and smell cleaner. The tile grout is going to last longer, so you’ll have less maintenance with your tile floors. The professionals are going to get the debris that is deep into the groves of your carpeting, and they are going to remove the harmful grime that does damage to your tile grout. If you think that your space could benefit from professional cleaning, call Beyond Clean and get a quote.