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Tips for Reducing Indoor Pollutants in Your Home


Indoor air pollutants may seem unimportant, but contamination and poor air quality in your home can lead to serious short and long term health issues. Consider these suggestions to improve the quality of the air you breathe while you eat, work, sleep and play.

1. Clean your Air Ducts
Your HVAC system is a good place to start when thinking about eliminating indoor pollutants. Service professionals can clean out your air ducts, eliminating the dirt, dust, bacteria, fungi and mold that may live in the duct. Multiple pieces of the system should be cleaned: beyond the HVAC unit itself, ensure that your service professionals clean the blower, components, and each individual duct and vent in your home. Your service provider can also replace old filters to improve their air filtration capacity. The HVAC Inspection, Maintenance and Restoration Association notes that an HVAC system may recirculate pollutants 5-7 times a day. Having certified professionals clean out your HVAC system will result in cleaner air for you and your family.

2. Controlling Sources
It may seem simple, but controlling the source of poor air quality can go a long way towards reducing air pollution in the home. Have your landlord confirm that building materials like sheetrock, tiles, and roofing shingles are free of contaminants like asbestos. These sources can be sealed off or replaced if necessary. There are some activities to avoid engaging in while indoors whenever possible: for example, smoking and spray painting both create contaminants in your air supply. Controlling these sources of air pollution, in combination with professional cleaning of your air ducts, will better the quality of the air around you.

3. Air Cleaners
You can also consider purchasing air cleaners to help improve your air quality indoors. Cleaners are typically measured by the amount of air which flows through the system and the amount of pollutant the cleaner can remove from the air. There are a wide range of options for air cleaners, in cost, size, and design. Read online reviews to pick a model that is both recommended by the EPA or similar organizations, and check consumer reviews to make sure you find a model that will work perfectly for your home and needs.

Consider these tips to reduce pollution in your home and, as a result, improve air quality and your health. You may notice short term benefits, eliminating itchy eyes or headache symptoms. But further, you’ll go a long way towards protecting yourself and your loved ones from the other effects of poor air quality, including respiratory problems, heart disease and cancer.