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Protect Your Investment by Having Your Carpet Cleaned Professionally

Professionals will tell you that keeping a home clean will extend its life. That is also true when it comes to carpets where not just any type of cleaning will do. Why would a homeowner spend all that money on a carpet just to use a cleaning system that lacks power and soaks the fibers and padding? To achieve the best results while protecting such an important investment a reliable quality carpet cleaning company should be contacted.

Older methods of carpet cleaning  even when done by a professional, used lots of water that would raise dirt to the tips of carpet fibers as it dried. The result was floor covering that looked dull and dirty. Today’s techniques, however, utilize either hot water extraction or steam cleaning. The system not only removes all debris and dirt from a carpet but leaves floors smelling as fresh and clean as they look. In the long-run it will extend the life of the carpet.

Owning a carpet cleaner is great for spot treatments in-between professional cleanings. As the sole type of cleaner used, however, it’s important to keep in mind that they lack sufficient suction power to extract as much water as they put into the carpet. A side effect is that dirt is also left behind. If used as the sole source of cleaning, the water, cleaning solution and dirt remaining will actually dirty a carpet faster than just about anything else. The ultimate price to the carpet is a shorter life.

Did you know that a carpet can hold up to a pound of dirt before you can even see it? Additionally, along with the dirt it’s not uncommon to add sand and grit to the mix depending on where you live. Those substances break down fibers reducing their spring and dulling reflective light sources. Even after a professional cleaning carpets can still appear dirty.

It has been recommended by carpet manufacturers that in order to increase the longevity of carpets, they be professionally cleaned annually. Even with stains that may appear permanent, professional cleaners can treat troubled areas with fiber-specific stain remover that has been properly formulated to ensure the life span of the carpet is not affected. When seeking a professional carpet cleaner in your area be sure and check to make sure they use only certified technicians and have the knowledge and experience needed to do the job right the first time. Protect the investment under your feet just as well as you do your other investments and use professionally trained carpet cleaners at least once per year.