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Indoor Air Quality: The Trouble With Carpeting


Most homes have carpeting on the floors, allowing for a plusher and more comfortable living experience. Unfortunately, carpeting harbors a variety of bacteria, allergens and dust, making it horrible for indoor air quality. Carpeting may look nice to the naked eye, but even brand new carpeting that is just days old is already home to millions of dust mites and allergens. The state of your carpet can be made worse with pets, children and heavy foot traffic. When it comes to the indoor air quality within your home, your carpeting could play a bigger role than you might have once thought.

The indoor air quality in your home is the air you and your family breathe on a constant basis. This is the air you’re breathing in while sleeping, relaxing or just spending time away from work or school. When the indoor air quality is poor, you might find that you experience allergy symptoms more often or have asthma attacks out of the blue. This is all related to the quality of air that you are breathing and the fact that you are in the home often enough for this to become a problem.

What you might not realize is that your carpeting plays a major role in the air you’re breathing in. Whenever you walk on carpeting, you are releasing the dander, dust and mites that have embedded themselves deep into the fibers. Traditional vacuuming is often not enough to completely remove the allergens that are creating an unhealthy air quality for the home. Hiring a professional company to do a major cleaning of the carpet is important for you as a homeowner. This prevents you from doing the job yourself or trying to figure out when or where to rent carpet cleaning equipment.

Once you make the decision to hire an expert to deep clean your home’s carpeting, you will find that the indoor air quality improves significantly. In fact, you might notice a reduction in allergies or even asthma symptoms just because of the time it took you to call a professional and have them do the job for you. It is always a good idea to get experts in to do this type of work just because they have both the experience and equipment to get the job done right. You will love that a deep carpet cleaning benefits the air that you are breathing inside the home.  More Info: http://waterdamageprofessional.net/