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Impact of Dirt On Your Carpeting



Carpets are a comfortable way to cover the floors in your home. They offer a cushiony surface for you to walk upon. However, dirt in these carpets has a huge impact on your health and the wear and tear of the carpet itself.  If you have kids or pets it’s difficult to keep them in good shape.  It’s always a smart idea to do regular cleanings and not to wear shoes in the house.  Shoes track in so much dirt and germs.  You can get a little more info on this site: http://flagstaffcarpetcare.com/


Over the course of time, all of that high traffic on your carpet will begin to show. You may notice that there are “paths” through your house simply by how the carpeting appears.


Dirt is tracked in on people’s shoes and feet and even on pets. Over time, this can create a lot of damage to your carpeting. Dirt is comprised of many ingredients some of which are sharp and can not only cause a painful owie on the foot, but can also tear at the carpet fibers and over the course of time damage the carpet.


As people are constantly walking upon the carpet they are grinding this dirt and these particles into the carpet on a daily basis and it soon begins to show.  This is a major reason why to keep shoes off  and more the people in your home the more dirt is traveling in.  Even pets tracking in whatever they rolled in gets on the carpet.


Vacuuming helps to remove a lot of these particles from the carpet, but it won’t remove all of them. It is important to use a professional carpet cleaning service at least once per year to get as much of this dirt out of your carpet in order to protect and preserve it.


Other ways to help prevent this is to have people take their shoes off at the door and leave the shoes on the linoleum or wood flooring so that they aren’t grinding dirt into the carpet.


Remembering how dirt affects your carpet overall can go far in helping to preserve your carpet. In many areas it is quite common to have people remove their shoes in order to protect carpeting from dirt and damage.