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Best Ways to Dust Your Home


Best Ways to Dust Your Home

Before the house is prepared for dusting, all of the clutter needs to be removed. Dusting will not be useful if there are objects all around and there is dust under and on them. First, remove the textile such as pillows, linen, throw blankets, etc. Take them out on the balcony or in the garden when the wind is not blowing against you and shake them nicely, and do not forget do the same with the curtains as well.

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Always start from the top so that the dust settles and you will not have to go over the same areas two or three times. Gather any dust and webs from the ceiling, the ceiling fan and fixtures using a damp cloth or a fiber duster. After that, move down to the walls and be extra thorough with the corners and crevices.


Next, proceed to the Windows. Use a clean cloth and a window cleaner. Be careful not to leave any streaks because those will show up when the windows dry again.


When you are dusting surfaces, first remove the object. Tables, desks, bookcases, shelves, etc. should first be completely cleared up. Put the objects in boxes, or into another room that has not been cleaned yet. Wipe down and polish the surfaces. Before putting the objects back in their place, dust and clean them as well so that you will not be bringing the dust back in the clean room.


The linens that can be washed in the washing machines do not need to be hand dusted. Shake the dust off of them and throw them for a spin in the washing machine. After that, use the vacuum cleaner on the linen free furniture because dust settles in deep. Use a steamer tool to achieve higher efficiency. Those tools work with water and will not be leaving harsh chemicals into the furniture. Add a drop of thin essential oil to make your furniture smell beautiful and fresh.


A vacuum cleaner or a steamer tool can be used on the carpets and rugs as well. Hard floors should be mopped down. The vacuum can scratch the wooden floors and also leave crevices uncleaned. Do not forget to clean under the furniture and behind it because dust settles there as well.


Make sure to do a thorough cleaning of the entire house at least three times a year. Use safe cleaning products and appropriate tools that will not harm furniture and linen.