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30 Quick and Simple Household hacks

30 Quick and Simple Household hacks

More detail about our 30 quick and simple life hack or household hack:
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1. Attach PVC pipe to your lawn blower …

2. No storage space? No problem! …

3. Keep your shirt collar stiff when traveling with ..

4. You can also roll up the outfits you’ll wear on your trip …

5. Use a vacuum to make a ponytail that doesn’t suck.

6. Use a rubber band to mount your cell phone in your car.

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7. Put an empty soda bottle under pizza boxes to ..

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8. Avoid making a mess when drilling with a Post-it note.

Life hacks

9. Improve your Wi-Fi signal with an old soda can.
Find out how here.
vid; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xygmNzNbkQ
Diy: http://lifehacker.com/5839243/use-an-aluminum-can-as-a-wi-fi-extender

11.Going on a run but don’t have a pocket for your keys?..

12.Wear a hoodie backwards to create the world’s most efficient..

13. Cut notches into your cabinet shelf to store your toothbrushes out of sight.

14.Keep USB cords from getting lost behind your desk by attaching with binder clips.

15. A sandwich bag is all you need to turn your seat in coach into a first-class screening room.

16. Keep your cables and power cords organized by labeling them with bread clips.
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17.If your garden hose springs a leak find the hole, stick a toothpick into it, …

18. If you need a cold drink quickly, cover the bottle in a wet paper towel and place it in the freezer…

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19. Deep clean your bathroom with a power drill.

20. Attach an old but beloved sippy cup ..

21. Perfectly separate an egg yolk with an empty water bottle.

22.Add flexible tubing and stainless steel nuts to a spray bottle to make it work in any direction

23. MacGyver a hanger into a chip clip.

24. Transform a jumble of cords ..


LIFE HACKS: Little Known Tricks That Will Make Life Easier

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